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Coach more clients on nutrition in less time.

Stop manually creating meal plans. Generate 450+ fitted recipes for multiple clients all at once.

“With WeekMeals, we save hours of time and can better serve more than 100 of our clients with recipe inspiration.”

Frank den Blanken

Founder of Practical Nutrition Education

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“My clients were tired of constantly tracking macronutrients. This can be done much smarter, with WeekMeals”

Dogan Tekin

Founder of Perfect Performance Education

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The App

Streamline Your Nutrition Output


Onboard & Manage Multiple Clients With Ease

Onboard your clients. Set their macro profile. Inspire them with hundreds of recipes and monitor them live while they execute their meal plan.


Define Your Client's Macros

Personalise each client's needs quickly and efficiently.

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Clients choose from 450+ recipes

Clients experience more freedom by choosing their favorite recipes, to improve adherence and long term results.


Grow Your Client Base

Use the streamlined process to be organised, make your work easier & more efficient & onboard more clients


Hear What Our Customers Have To Say

"WeekMeals helped me streamline the entire nutriton process of my personal trianing business! I now have so muhc more time to focus on gainging new clients and actually coaching!"

Joan Marks

"I was only able to keep track of 8 clients adn all their macro/nutrition needs before I started with WeekMeals. Now i can manage over 30 clients easily!"

Raymond Souza

"All my clients love working with me through WeekMeals! They love that I can outline their macro needs & then they can choose what meals to fit the nutrition plan in the app! Would defo recommend!"

Maggie Stalk


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